Saturday, January 19, 2008

New Threads!

This has been finished for over two weeks now... and worn 3 times...but I just couldn't remember to get a picture taken when Aaron was around AND it was day time. Winter blogging is complicated.

My finished Little Edo!

The pattern says that it's a cropped jacket with 3/4 sleeves. The picture is deceiving, as it's on a mannequin with no arms or body - so I wasn't sure how it should fit. I just blocked it to measurements that I knew I would wear - and I'm loving it.

The lace was very easy - faggoting is the best way to describe it - but there are columns of garter stitch that give it a nice look.
I was surprised to see that these pictures very accurately show the beautiful hand-dyed color, even though Aaron used a flash. Guess that is the difference between a digital SLR and my point and shoot!

I would give more pattern information, but the best I can tell you is that I bought this at Cheryl Oberle's booths at Stitches Midwest in 2004. It was in a folder, and I've never seen it on her website, nor have I found anyone else with finished pictures on the Internet. But I bet if you contacted her, she would have more. It's a really interesting pattern - the sleeves are attached by picking up stitches and doing a 3 needle bind off - with the ridge on the outside - which looks really nice! I usually don't like the 'decorative edge' of 3-needle bind off (I hide it in the inside when they call for it on the outside) but with the yarn and the totally look of the sweater - it's really nice.

Now, speaking of the yarn... this is REALLY nice yarn. It's called Reflections, and that is something I know you can get on her website. I also usually shun anything with mohair - but the dying is just so beautiful, and then resulting fabric drapes beautifully. I do end up with loads of fuzz on my pants by the end of the day - but it's worth it.

So - a glowing review for something that I wasn't really sure I'd like when I was finished! Plus - it's the first thing completed on my Mission Possible list! 1 down, 11 to go.



it is really beautiful!


That's just breathe taking! Love the colors!


You have every right to be proud of that. Love the blues.


CeCe, this is really a nice sweater on you. Like it a lot.