Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A Rugby Sweater?

About a month ago, Aaron's boss called me. He wondered if I could knit his 12 year old son a 'rugby sweater'. As usual, with requests like this, at first I asked if he couldn't just buy the sweater? Nope - he has a black and red striped sweater from the 80's that his son loves, and of course, is totally not available anywhere. So it would mean a lot to him if I could do this. This guy has had a tough year, so I agreed. How hard could a bulky sweater for a 12 year old be? I asked him to send me a sweatshirt or something that his son likes the fit of.

He sent me a men's XL. 50 inches around.

I haven't really blogged about this, because I was thinking it was a potential failure, as I was worried about how the stripes were going to play out.

It looks good! And, even though a huge size, not really all that bad, as I'm using Berkshire Bulky for the yarn (3 sts to the inch) and a super easy pattern (Easy Bulky Sweater by Yankee Knitter). Once this is done, I'm rewarding myself by casting on for the Noro Transitions sweater!



At that guage it should just fly off the needles!


Wow, that is a pretty sweater. I'm sure that kid will like it!!


Great sweater. I think you should reward youself by starting a new project and purchasing another project to fill the gap in the stash from the project you did for someone else.


If there's a heaven, surely you will be rewarded there. Maybe with cashmere?