Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Other Crafting

I picked up my punchneedle stuff from the framer the other day - check it out! I love this little sheep.... I'm planning on making another for myself: And here is the little finished snowman:
I just think they are SO cute. More will be made for sure.

But, now that Christmas knitting is done, and my BMFA sock club shipment is here? This is what I'm doing:

New sock yarn, how I love thee.



dangit! i guess we're not on the same shipping schedule any more. perhaps i shall be receiving some sockal yarn in the mail tomorrow?

the framed needle punch pieces look adorable!


They are adorable. Another craft to tempt me?


Darn! I haven't received mine, either. It's probably lost in the vast snow fields of Townsend.


Don't you love the color of the yarn? Yummy!!