Friday, November 30, 2007

This thing is freaking huge

I'm currently casting off my Icarus. It's HUGE. Granted, I wanted it to be huge, and I saw the whole thing knitted up at the Briar Rose Fibers booth at Rhinebeck.... but it really IS huge.

OK. Let me give you something for scale. The dog on the left weighs 65 pounds, the one of the right, 93. (turns out it's really hard to get two boxers to look at you at the same time).
See! It's a freaking BLANKET! I think it's bigger than my Hemlock. The good news is I still love it, and what that means for me is that my knitting has slowed down considerably as a reach the end. But I'm going to block it tonight, as although I love knitting this - I'd really rather get to WEAR it.




I didn't realize you had large dogs. And now an even larger shawl.


Your knitting is just amazing. Congratulations on finishing. Good luck with the blocking


Wow, it must be really huge!! What a big project. I can make Labradors look at me by holding some food!! Works all the time!!