Monday, November 12, 2007

So. Yah.

I'm thinking I can get 3 done before Christmas:

This is the first of the 3 Drive Thru's I wanted to make. I started it on Saturday around 3, and finished Sunday night. I will admit, not all ends are woven in and I still need to buy buttons... but DAMN that is a fast knit! And the pattern is super easy, and really well written.

My Specs:

Pattern: Drive Thru by Knit and Tonic, 4 year old size in the cardigan.

Yarn: Encore Worsted Weight, 2 skeins purple, and little bits of green, off white and blue

Needles, Size 5 and 6

I went to Webs to get the Encore. I totally planned to get in and out and only buy the yarn for these sweaters. And for a sweater for the son of a friend who can't knit but whose son has asked for a Very Specific Sweater for Christmas that can't be found anywhere (I'm a sucker I know). But then I saw my buddy Gail, and she showed me that Noro Transitions is on special. Here is a link and yes - it's that exact color. I love it. We decided to knit a sweater together out of it - like a mini knit-a-long (Jabes - a good finished picture here). And then, the allure of the good price and the beautiful (I can't even explain how beautiful) yarn, I threw in enough to make a sweater for both me and my mother.



I love those colors! It's adorable!