Sunday, October 21, 2007


Rhinebeck was a blast! And what a beautiful day. Taking the bus from Webs was really a great way to do it too. I got to spend a lot of time talking with Cara (who assured me that my upcoming IVF cycle will not be a scary as I'm thinking it will be) and Sara (who was wearing a very pretty Arwen, of course I didn't take any pictures). I met Peggy, and got to catch up with Ann, and Vicky!

Oh, and got to spend a lot of time holding Ruth's BEAUTIFUL new baby. What a sweetie.

I wore the Maple Tree shawl and it got rave reviews. I feel bad as so many people loved it, but it's not on the Just Our Yarns Website. If you are coming over to my blog to get the link - I'm sure if you mention the pattern name to the gals there, they will sell it to you!

I only bought a small amount of yarn. I got some red lace weight to make the 'Heere Be Dragones Shawl' and then some Briar Rose Fibers 4th of July yarn to make an Icarus. Fun!

I did see some cool sheep:

I'm tired from all the linking. Off to relax for the rest of my Sunday!



Your shawl is absolutely beautiful!

I'm so envious about your trip to Rhinebeck. I may just have to scrape together some of those frequent flyer miles to go one day. It sounds like you had fun!


We also stopped at WEBS on the way! I saw another group in there that I recognized later in the hotel. It must be a popular spot for a break during the drive.


it was great seeing you!


It was so great to meet you! I had fun wandering around the festival with you and Cara :).


Oh my gosh - that's knitorious! She's the first blog I cried over, one of the first I ever read. And there you are, sitting right next to her holding her hand. I'm completely starstruck with you now.

And let's not even mention Cara.