Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'm noticing a trend.

Everything I'm knitting right now is what I like to call an 'epic' knit. These things will take hours and hours and months of knitting to finish. And I want to wear them (or use them) all NOW. Here are my active WIPS...

My Kauni Cardigan:

Notre Dame de Grace (slow going cause it's completely double seed stitch!)
My Cabled Wrap (started this back in April, I'm about 30 inches into 54 of the first piece. Didn't think it warranted a new picture, as it just same thing, more cables)
Lascalla. Slip stitch. On Size 1 needles. I shall say no more.

And my Moderne Log Cabin Blanket... garter stich, garter stitch and more garter stitch.
If I just keep switching around, I'll still be knitting on these 5 projects in October of 2008! I think I'm going to focus on the Cabled Wrap for now.... as I'm in a cabley mood.



Fall is perfect for cables! Good choice!


Holy cannoli, you do beautiful work. I'd spend so much time dithering between those projects I'd get nothing at all done.

It was great to see you at Rhinebeck (even though I know I was just speed bump #2).


Oooh, but it's all so pretty. You make me want to slip stitch on size 1 needles, yes you do.