Thursday, October 25, 2007

Go Sox!

Last night my neighborhood gals come over for a bit of knitting - and of course Red Sox watching. I was the only one knitting - the other were making the costumes for their babies for Halloween. One is going to be a monkey, and the other a turtle. Hopefully, I'm allowed to take a picture and post it here when they are done - the cuteness is hard to explain in words!

I did knit on my cable wrap, and made a bunch of progress, but it is now too big to be a really portable project... so I was FORCED to cast on for a hat.

This is Hermione's cable-and-bobble hat from Charmed Knits. The color in the picture isn't really doing the dye job justice... it's a beautiful purpley/blue. The reason I was inspired to start this was (besides it's been on my Raverly queue for a while) was that on my way to Rhinebeck, I sat next to Gail - the Kangaroo Dyer herself! This is the first bit of her hand dyed yarn that I have purchased (although I have been tempted many times). It's 100% silk, and will be such a perfectly soft hat. I have another skein to make matching mittens!



You met Gail??? You lucky person!

I've done a bit of handpainting, and it's very much an unscientific process for me, in part because I mix my colors -- I use One Shot from ProChem, and I have one big jar each of red, yellow and blue, which I mix to get whatever colors I want. The colors often separate and/or look different on the yarn from how they do in the bottle or on a paper towel. I'd love to work with a master dyer and understand how they mix and match their colors so that, say, the Pansies colorway comes out the same every time. I suspect it has to do with very scientific measurements and lots of practice.

Awesome hat!