Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'm in a knitting black hole.

I'm still knitting on the Maple Tree Shawl. I've never done a shawl of this magnitude.When people would complain about knitting and knitting and knitting and making absolutely NO visible progress, I would nod my head and think, 'Oh yes, that has happened to me before'. Well, I was WRONG.

Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.

I'm now almost done with the final main chart repeat. I have 6 more rows to go. I'm guessing those 6 rows are going to take me 2 hours to knit. Even as a pretty fast knitter, I'm averaging about 20 minutes a row (right now there is just over 400 stitches per row)... which is only going to increase as time goes on! And - I have a very real fear of this slippery 100% tencel yarn springing off the needles to a mess that cannot be recovered. (I just realized I could assuage this fear by using a lifeline).

I have a whole knitting 'plan' for the weekend. I'm going to the gym early on Friday morning so I can knit from the moment I get home. I'm basically knitting for the entire day on Saturday. And Sunday. I have no idea how much of a time suck the final border will be... so I think Sunday will be the decision point as to whether I'm going to be able to wear this to the wedding! I really want to be able to block it out Weds night so I'm sure it will be dry by the time we are leaving for the wedding (Friday).

Why did I think that knitting a 92 inch across beaded shawl was a good idea!? WHY! Funny thing is - I'm still loving the knitting! It's going to be a totally beautiful piece of art when it's done.



Funny, I find myself in a similar predicament -- only my knitting isn't a shawl. Best of luck to both of us! You're right that yours will be spectacular.


400 stitches?! hahahaha, that's nothing. Try Spanish Dancer from Knitty - final row of the ruffle was over 3200 stitches.


the good news is that you can totally block it the night before, as long as you have a fan or two pointed at it overnight. trust me. :) the shawl i made out of that yarn dried in like 10 seconds. or overnight with a fan. you get the point.