Monday, October 01, 2007

Finally, a weekend!

So - we been having visitors and family and major projects going on at Casa Braun pretty much all summer. This past weekend, we actually relaxed. Friday night, we went to the movies (saw the Kingdom - I liked it a lot). Saturday, during the day, I got my toenails painted, knitted on the never ending shawl, Aaron's soccer team won and he got to take a nice afternoon nap.... and at night? We went to the town's Harvest Ball! It was really fun.

Sunday I went to Lowell Open Studios, and actually brought a bunch of art! I went with the intention of seeing Amanda and getting some goods from her... but just had a great time. There are some amazing artists in her studio space. Some favorites are Frank Casazza (I got two pieces from his wood burned art 'City Bird' collection) and Made in Lowell (I got the button barrettes), and of course, Amanda.

Suzanne went with me to the Open Studios, and gave me my birthday present:

This is Branching out, from Knitty. I love it! I have this thing about knitting scarves. I rarely knit them - but I love wearing them! Thanks again Suzanne!

I'm very close to starting the edging on the Maple Tree shawl. I have 8 rows to go. I had previously thought that I only had until Weds (because I want to block it, obviously) but Amanda has 2 shawls out of this yarn, and says it'll dry in hours (it's tencel).
Just keep knitting, just keep knitting, knitting knitting....



Oh that Branching Out is so beautiful, and doubly so, because it is green!! What a great present!!!


Thanks for taking the picture!! It looks awesome on you. Good job with the links, I wouldn't have even thought of doing that. Can't wait to see everything hung next visit!


Great scarf! And it's giving me ideas... I thought about going to Lowell myself. Next time I'll have to be more ambitious.



and then knit some more! :)

after you block it,just make sure you have fans pointed at the shawl, and it will dry in no time.