Friday, August 24, 2007

Yesterday, I knit 3 rows.

Why Cece? Why would you only knit 3 rows when you have a sock challenge to win? Well - my husband's best friend was in town, and he cooked for us:
This is their 'signature' dish, Tequila Chicken. Aaron always talks about them making it back in their bachelor days... but still hasn't made it for me. Since Darrin was visiting, I demanded they make it for me. They did mention that they would be doing tequila shots...
But I didn't realize that I would be also. Sigh. I learned this after 2 gin and tonics. Let's just say knitting was out of the question.

I have finished one of the Denmark socks - so I'm still on track! Don't worry!



So that is why you were drunk and commenting. Made me smile reading your comments. Dinner looks pretty good, is there any left overs. I tried to knit while a bit drunk last night, could only just manage one row on a sock, then just laid over on lounge and went to sleep.