Friday, July 13, 2007

Read ALL directions before knitting.

You know how many patterns put that as a caveat in the beginning of the pattern? Read all directions before knitting. Not that I always head that warning, but at least it gives me an idea that 'something wicked this way comes'.

Anyhoo. I'm in my Sock Era. And therefore, I'm knitting on yarn and patterns that I have wanted to knit for a while, but have gotten distracted away from (what? me? distracted?). Last year, we got this great SOTM kit from STR called Hippy Crunchy. It's a cute lace anklet. Little did I know, it was the sock FROM HELL. Here, want a picture?

Looks all sweet and innocent, right? That 3 inches of leg and heel took my over 10 hours to knit, and was carefully tinked back 5 times. The lace was 'inspired by the Subtle Mesh stitch pattern in Barbara Walker's amazing treasury' - and it's a lace pattern that you absolutely need to pay attention to at all times. But, the kicker? In this pattern the words focus and concentrate appear! And yes, they are in bold in the pattern (and followed by exclamation points). WTF! The heel is some crazy heel that looks like a short row, but isn't a short row? Maybe someone that was in the club last year can tell me the name of the heel technique?

Now that I've realized that I need to use my lace pattern thingie (the chart keeper from KnitPicks) and it's not 'just a lace sock', I'm better. But daaaaamn. I really wasn't expecting this cute anklet to be such a difficult knit! It's kind of throwing off the Sock Era!

In other news, some flowers I planted from seed are showing there pretty faces:

I love it when a plan comes together.

Today is the next clue for MS3... I just finished up Clue 2 last night, so I'm ready to roll.



Hiya- so glad to hear it- not being mean or anything. However the original yarn sent with that kit was/is my favorite STR yarn and I so wanted to knit the kit. Ha Ha Ha- I gave up way before you did- not that you have given up. I fear I am basically a plain vanilla sock gal!


I did that sock when I was in the club last year and yes, it was tricky! I ended up doing my basic heel flap and gusset because that's what I prefer.

Now they are among my favorite socks! I wear them with my purple "Venice" Keen sandals. But, sadly, I just noticed I've worn a hole in the heel and need to darn/fix them. That's the first sign of wear I've had in any STR socks - maybe from rubbing against the rubber of the sandal? I'm not sure.

Good luck! Do the heel the way you like - it doesn't matter.



I read through the pattern on the first sock I ever did. No way were those instructions right! Then I started knitting the sock and it all made sense. Now I miss things by not reading ahead sometimes. Oops.


If it's any consolation - it looks like a lovely sock!


It is indeed a lovely sock... this is part of why I stubbornly make up my own sock patterns, even though there are some great ones out there, some of them free, even, and the mental exercise and hair-tearing would probably be good for me.

For low-maintenance satisfaction, you can't beat flowers.


Just delurking to say that I did that sock, ONE of them, for the Hurrican Swap Party and it just about killed me! ONE of them!