Thursday, June 28, 2007


*knock knock knock*

Hello? Is this thing on??

Sorry I haven't been posting this week! I've been crazy busy. We got a new driveway, my husband's best friend was in town, his grandparents were visiting, my manager is in town, dinner out every single day... and basically zero knitting has gotten done.

But. I have decided to take a nice long weekend. Mostly by myself. I'll be driving up to the Northampton area on Saturday to spend a little bit more time with the grandparents before they head home, and then Aaron needs to come back home to work. So, I'm going to head up to my family's cabin for a little bit of relaxation. I plan on staying there until Weds - Aaron may join me on Tuesday, and then we'll do a 4th of July thing with the family, and back home.

Here is my 'checklist'

1. Go for walks
2. Swim in the lake
3. Go to Webs.
4. Make my stepmother's mother's day present (whoops - little late! picture here, and pattern here)
5. Knit on my maple leaf shawl.
6. Finish up some socks (I've got three pair on the needles right now, STR, Monkey's, and the toe ups)
7. Sleep in
8. Watch fireworks.
9. Possibly start a new sweater.

I will report back on my progress when I get home! 4 days to do nothing except what I want to do sounds pretty fun to me.



NO. 3 on your list, go to webs. boy does that sound like something I'd love to join in.
Let us know what you buy.
have a great time with your list, all 9 things
happy knitting (if you do any that is)


Sounds like a dream to me!


I have a huge favor - you mentioned webs... I have a half finished knitting project and half a ball of yarn left - I have a sinking feeling the the math isn't going to work out. It's the 'carrot' sweater and I can send you particulars.


Sounds like a great time to be had while you are away for a break.


You are realy great!