Friday, July 27, 2007

I love learning new stuff.

I have learned something new this week.

Brioche stitch is COOL!

I bought this pattern when I was at sock camp, and they had a sample knit up in Little Bunny Foo Foo and Downpour. I just thought it was SO awesome. I didn't get the yarn right away - because 2 skeins of STR for one pair of socks seemed a bit too much for me. But the more I thought about them, the more I couldn't resist.

These were one of the first pair that I put in my pile for the Sock Era - I just thought they would be really fun to knit! Well, turns out I have issues reading directions (bite your tongue Amanda). But I went around the internet, and actually found the phone number of the designer, and called her on the phone. Talk about a helpful woman! I quickly realized what I was doing wrong, and was on my way.

What do you think:
These are obviously NOT socks for wearing in shoes.. these are socks for sitting in front of the fire on snow days and relaxing. And, unfortunately, even though only 48 stitches around, not a super fast knit. But I only say unfortunately because of Aaron and my bet. Otherwise, I wouldn't mind watching this pattern slowly unfold thought my fingers. Another cool bit for these socks is that they are reversible:
I'm having trouble getting a decent picture of that bit... but on the STR website they have a good shot.




I think I'm finally first to comment :)! I have a hat pattern that uses the brioche - glad to know there is an expert I can turn to as it seems a bit daunting. They look awesome and perfect for the New England winters.


I find brioche very soothing. The socks look fabulous.


Great socks. I love the color. And the stitch pattern is great. May have to get myself this pattern...around the house socks are always a good thing!


Lovely! Those look really really cool