Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono

OK. Even knit in Red Heart, it's freaking cute:

Pattern: Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono (Mason Dixon Knitting)

Yarn: Red Heart

Needles: Size 4

Details: My mom is a nurse, and one of her co-workers just had a baby girl. I made the mistake of showing Mom my little baby knit stash - and she wanted to know if I had something 'extra' to give to her friend. Well, no way in hell am I parting with the stuff I have stored away... so I decided to knit this sweet little number. Problem is, I only had single balls of dishcloth cotton (the pattern calls for 2 balls). Then, I remembered this little stash of acrylic yarn that someone at work left at my office door after their mother died. Some, I gave to Amanda (who teaches knitting at a middle school), and most of the rest I threw away. But this color was pretty nice, and I stashed it away. This is my first time knitting with Red Heart, and for damn sure it's my last. This stuff is NASTY! But, for a little newborn sweater for someone I don't know, and have no idea how they will appreciate and treat a hand knitted item? It fit the bill. The little bit of this yarn that is left is going in the trash.

The pattern - awesome! I would totally knit this again. It's a cute, fast, sweet little knit.

There is some sort of crazy drama going on over on the MS3 yahoo group... I'm so glad I'm just happily knitting along and not even trying to figure out the 'theme' - but what I see is little flowers and pretty patterns! Nothing 'evil'! I guess the rumor started on ravelry... which of course reminded me that I signed up back in the beginning of June. I popped over and used the new 'check where you are in line' feature - 'You are #7322 on the list. 923 people are ahead of you in line.' Someone else had mentioned that they seem to be inviting about 100 people a day - so less than 2 weeks to go! I'm going to start taking pictures and organizing my pictures and patterns so I can be prepared when my invite comes!



very cute. And not to diminish the don't-know-person-and-whether-they'll-appreciate -better yarn - acrylic probably has it's place for many baby gifts - infinitely washable :)

I have missed the whole drama re MS3 - though, I have pretty much decided not to do that shawl and I'm so behind on blogs that the MS3 yahoo group?? way off my radar.


I saw the drama this morning and thought "good grief"!

I love the baby kimono, it is just adorable.

So, looking at your MS, what yarn are you using? It looks like mine! The only thing I know is that mine is merino silk and the color is Dove Gray. I'm sure I kept the band for it, but who knows where I stashed it now.

Take care!


Do let me know when you join Ravelry. I love the site!


I'm 8155 in line and there are 1474 people ahead of me-including you I guess!!!