Sunday, June 03, 2007

Reunion weekend!

Well.... Suzanne and I had a BLAST on our vacation/reunion trip. We started out on Weds to see the Yarn Harlot. I was kind of tired, so I stopped for a coffee, and used my new 'coffee sock'.

Yeah, yeah, blurry picture... but this thing is AWESOME. It really does a great job protecting your hand from super hot coffee. Everyone should have one. I've already asked Natalie where she got the pattern.

While I listened to the Harlot talk (which was hilarious, as always), I worked on this hat from Itty Bitty Baby hats:

I finished the actual body of the hat during the talk - but the little chicks and everything else took a while. I was nervous about the embroidery - but it was a lot easier than I expected! And cute! Super cute! I even got to try it on a few babies at my reunion, and it really does fit a baby.

On Thursday, Suzanne and I spent a bunch of time a Webs getting some summer yarn supplies. I got yarn for two projects out of Knitting Lingerie Style (the bed jacket and the shaped lace tee) and also some solid sock yarn. Suzanne got yarn for two sweaters. We both started our new project right away. Suzanne had an issue that Steph had brought up in her talk - lying gauge swatches:

Apparently, Suzanne rarely swatches.... and I pointed out that she should maybe give it a whirl, as she often makes sweaters that don't fit her the way she would like. She needed to get 16 stitches to 4 inches. With the recommended needle, she got 17. She went up one size... still 17. And then up another, and got 16! So, she happily started knitting her sweater. Turns out - she was getting 13 stitches to the inch. This sad face is the realization that she is going to need to rip. Thankfully, it's a chunky yarn, and it's not too many hours of work.

Here is my new project - the Shaped Lace Tee. I'm using a new Vally Yarn called Goshen. It's a really nice mix of cotton and silk:

I don't usually knit short sleeved sweaters - so I'm interested to see if I get wear out of this... I will say it's super soft!

The actual college reunion at college was kind of a dud - but getting to see all my college buds was awesome (Hi Emily! Hi Jill! Hi Joanne! It's ok to leave a comment!!!!). And meet Jill's 1 1/2 year old daughter Rowan (can you tell she is my friend? A daughter named the same as a yarn company????). We had fun playing card games that we used to play in college and catching up - but as usual, I'm always glad to be back home.

There's no place like home.



Okay, so does Webs sell bulk food? Did Steph remember you from camp?


Sorry I missed joining you at Webs--I ended up having to work that day. :( I'm sure you would have been great fun to enable. Heeee.


The Shaped Lace Tee is one of my favorite patterns in the book! It's going to be beautiful in that green color.


FYI, I've started the sweater again, sans swatch and it's looking good. Had a great time hanging out with everyone. Stephanie was hilarious - very dry sense of humor and totally knew Cece - I felt like I was in with famous people!


The coffee sock is great! It looks like a very small neckwarmer. I'll have to make myself one after I finish all the backed-up charity knitting. (You really don't want to know.) And the hat, too cute!

Now that is an evil gauge swatch.


Good luck with your IVF cycle. Saw your comment on the Harlot's post for today.


Hi Cece, It was great to see you! And you are right, there IS no place like home. :)


Hi Cece! Good to see everyone as well. It was fun to play cards like we used to, even if Suzanne beat me at "shooting the moon!" She did it with great style - yeah Suzanne! Your knitting is amzing, the little chick hat is so cute, an the green lace piece, just georgous, you really are very talented. ReUnion pics coming soon! loaded up today, but shutterfly website went down right after, strange. later, Joanne