Friday, June 15, 2007


I haven't been this thankful for a Friday in a very long time! I have put in about 90 hours at the office this week, and just about an hour ago, confirmed that the issue we have been dealing with is resolved. Yipppeee!!!

While I've been sitting on the phone, I've been knitting:

This is going to be a really great tee - I just hope I have the fit right. I've been pretty diligent on my weight loss (down about 20 pounds since Dec), so I may be misjudging my size (Not a bad problem, I must admit). Once I have it sewn up, I have a little bit of crochet edging to do (*shudder)... maybe they'll be a modeling picture this weekend?

Aaron has managed to get poison ivy all over his body. He thinks that one of the dogs rolled in it outside, and then laid in our bed. I'm not allergic (thank god) but he is really miserable. He is pretty cranky about it - so let's hope it clears up fast.



You are right about the tee, it looks like it will be wonderful.

Poor hubby, hopefully he'll get un-itchy soon.


ack re the poison ivy. speedy healing vibes - that can be miserable.

Great tee ;)


oh, man, i feel for aaron... i am horribly allergic to poison ivy! i used to get quarter sized blisters of it all over my feet when i was a kid. every. damn. summer. there was also the summer i got it all over my face and hands, like a mask and gloves. horrible.


Oh, poor Aaron!! I really feel for him ... that must be miserable.


My sons and I are allergic to poison ivy but not my husband. He pulls it, mows it, burns it, etc. and doesn't get it. We (when the boys were still at home) all have to stay inside when he does this. I got it from the cat back in December - a terrible case! Had to go to the doctor. Oral prednisone or a shot will clear it up quickly if your husband needs it. I love that green! I take you had a headset on the phone! Aren't they wonderful!


The tee looks great! How did you like knitting with the Goshen yarn?
Hope your husband is feeling better!