Monday, May 14, 2007

What a wonderful weekend!

Friday, I kicked off my weekend by going to yoga. It was a beautiful day, but I've committed to going to yoga at least 3 times a week. So - I went up to Nashua and met Amanda and we went together. WE were the only people who showed up - so got a private lesson! It was awesome. I go to ask questions that you never get to ask in class... and it was just a great way to kick off the weekend.

Saturday morning, I woke up to perfect walking weather, and I hit the road before my Mom arrived. I signed up for the second round of Runagogo (100 miles moved between April 1st and July 4th) and I've already made it to 60 miles. I did a 6 mile walk, and timed it to end just as mom was pulling in the driveway.

sidenote: Remember the 20 pounds I lost last year? Well, that stalled over the winter, and over the past month or so, I've got my groove back. I had gained 5 pounds back over the winter, but now I'm down 25 pounds since last year when I started with walking and weight loss. I feel great!

Since my Mom isn't the type of mom to just want to sit around and relax, we were moving around all weekend. I took her to her favorite place for lunch, and then we took the dogs to the vet (fun stuff, I tell you - but she loves them). Both are healthy - which always makes me happy! Then, we came home.. and my plan for the afternoon was to organize both my office and the yarn room. I had actually managed to get the office done earlier in the day - so we went right up to my yarn room. I love pawing through my stash. And Suzanne came to help. God love the woman, she likes to untangle yarn - and fixed up a project that I have been wanting to work up but was a complete tangled mess in a bag!

With the yarn room all clean - we headed out for lobster dinner and ice cream. Yum.

Sunday we got my gardens all weeded and mulched for the summer, and planted a couple containers (which are beautiful!). Mom left around 3, and I went to yoga. I finally sat down to knit for a bit last night, and got to the heel of my revamped Monkey sock:

The yarn is still looking awesome, just striping a bit differently. I may go down to fewer stitches on the foot - but I am sure that this will slide over my ankle with no issues. I saw this Sock in a Day Challenge and signed up for it... you need to knit one sock in 18 hours. This progress is 6 hours of knitting - I'm pretty sure I can knit a sock in less than 18 hours, but it is kind of fun to time myself!

Oh - and I'm totally going to Cummington on the Saturday of the festival! Who will I see there?!?

Well, now I guess I have to admit that the weekend is over and go to work.

: (



Assuming I survive my current battle with a severe allergic reaction to poison ivy (started prednisone today)...I will be there.


Definitely worth the restart. Nice job!