Sunday, April 29, 2007


Heh. I finished sock #1.

It makes my heart flutter a little to see that perfect striping:

I'm still not LOVING toe up socks - but it is fun to see the structure of a sock come to life in the reverse way than what I'm used too! For those who are wondering, I did Judy's Magic cast on, and I'm using DPNs - not 2 circs.

I spilt up the instep onto one needle, and the heel is on two needles. I also decided to forgo the seam up the back - just not my style.

I will agree with some that think the p2 tog, yo patterning is a bit fiddly - but as Amanda pointed out - if you have read Victorian Lace today - they explain that is called 'faggoting' and is one of the foundation lace stitches. And I think it's really pretty.

Another decision I've come to? I'm sticking to socks for a while. I'm not sure - but I think I have enough socks yarn for over 30 pairs of socks... I bet more. I'm just not feeling any sweater knitting love lately - and why fight it? Socks it is.

Welcome to Cece's Sock Era.



Gorgeous! I have a prayer shawl and a second ankle sock to finish before I'll even let myself wind the club yarn into a ball...Thanks for the inspiration!


Beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.


How did you leave out the seam? Also, what size did you make?

I would like to leave off the seam too, do I just omit that step in the pattern? Did you have to modify the stitch count at all?



so many socks, not enough time!


You're a quick one! The sock is lovely. I can't wait to start mine, though I vowed I have to finish the first STR club socks!


Yay for the Sock Era!



I hadn't realized you are ohly now starting a 'sock era'! I must say that the sweaters I've seen are absolutely incredible!

Good going on the Grasshoppers! I came by to see what yours were looking like. Mine are only a few inches along, so so far, I can't detect the striping. I *am* noticing that the pale green/pale blue have blended into a light, overall back ground on my sock so far, with a bit of stripiness in the raspberry/dk green. It will be fun to see how it evolved!



You are a speed demon, Cece! I haven't even wound mine up yet.


I'm just doing the heel 'flap' on mine and its nice and stripy, but not the same way as yours. I'm excited to see what comes of your Sock Era. You can start dating things now as BS and AS, it'll be great.


Lovely, CeCe!

I was anxious to have these done, but my
Cankles had other intentions, apparently. I've decided that the large size I chose to go with is too big, and have frogged.

Though I think the grasshopper pattern is really interesting, I'm not sure the pattern is right for ME right NOW with THIS yarn.

We shall see...

Regarding the sweater love: Me too. Seeing that I've averaged a weight gain of 12PLUS pounds a year over the past six or seven years, getting a garment that stays fit has well, not really worked out. Shawls and socks have been much more kind to me, but I'm getting tired of making mutant socks, so I really hope this is the year I can regress to the lean, mean, knitting machine that I once was! :-)


Excellent. A sock era. I could not be more thrilled. (How long is an era exactly?)


How neat yours came out w/a beige-y pink background (at least on my screen) w/the fuschia stripe accents.


How did you split up the sts on your dpns for the foot? I have just begun the lace pattern (on 2 circs)and I'm just finding that the 2 circs are way too messy. Also, do you have any recomendations for a standard way to turn the heel on a toe up sock on dpns? My email is