Monday, May 07, 2007

Decisions, decisions...

Must. distract. blogland.

I'm working on some secret knitting that needs to be done tonight. I hope it'll be done tonight! I HAS TO BE DONE TONIGHT!

But - I do need to pick out my next pair of socks. Here are my two front runners:

On the left, we have the Sundara SOTM. When hanging out with Amanda this weekend, I saw her progress, and I felt that I NEEDED to knit them right then. The Dahlia sock pattern is just beautiful. But - in my head, I had already decided to use my Sweet Georgia yarn (in Kissed colorway) to make a pair of Monkey socks.

I know, it's a tough life I have, deciding between Sweet Georgia and Sundara yarn. Somehow, I'll make it though. But - any thoughts? The only thing I can lend to the discussion is that I have had the Sweet Georgia in stash for about a year and the Sundara is brand spanking new.



ah, I just cast on for the Monkey socks this afternoon! I think it may be a good sign that I'm already enchanted just with the twisted rib cuff!


The Sundara must mature for a while; the Sweat Georgia looks ripe. :-)


I cast on a Monkey sock Saturday, popular pattern. I think you should use the Sweet Georgia.