Thursday, April 26, 2007

Stuck on Socks

Work is super busy right now - so I just haven't had the brain power for anything more than knitting socks. I finished the Cece Sized pair of Bird of Paradise socks at sock camp.... but really wanted to wait to snap the final picture until I finished the little baby ones:
I know, you can't stand the cuteness. Of course, lining those up side by side with my socks has me wondering if any child of mine will actually fit into those tiny socks! Time will tell.

Bird Of Paradise Socks, Sundara SOTM club.
Started March 1st - Finished April 10th
Size 0 dpns

Comments - as usual, loved the yarn (this picture isn't doing the color justice) - and bright color came just at the right time. I was so ready for spring! The second sock took me a while to get going.... but I really wanted to get these finished before my next installment of the club arrives in the mail!



You've got big feet! And I've got a place for us to stay for reunion.


you are right, the picture isn't doing the color justice at all. i am glad that i got to see them in person! stay tuned for the jaywalkers. i am having camera issues at the moment.


Those are killer cute! Hi Marti- I still can't see you blog! :-(