Thursday, April 19, 2007

All sorts of finished socks!

Well, I couldn't go to Sock Camp and not knit a pair of socks, could I!? I didn't just finish one pair of socks this month (the little toddler socks for Addy), not even only two (I finished up the second Bird of Paradise sock) - but THREE pairs! Let me talk first of the ones that have only made one (drunken) appearance on the blog.

When we were all rushing around the mini-shop that the BMFA gals set up for us, off to the side I saw a big pile of yarn in greenish colorway. I kind of ignored it as I ran around finding all those wonderful and bright mill ends. But, my buddy Laurie pulled me back over, and mentioned that this was the Lunasea colorway, and Cass had designed a sock pattern for us to knit on our whale watching cruise. As I am always one to follow direction (HA) I picked up a skein and the pattern for the Mystic Sea Socks.

And I fell in love. Here are the finished socks:


Pattern: The Mystic Sea, by Cass White

Yarn: STR Mediumweight, in Lunasea

Needles: Size 0

Started April 11th - finished April 18th

I have to admit, that this is totally not a skein of yarn that I would have bought if it wasn't for peer pressure! Grey and blue and green? Meh. Together? Combined with the pattern? Love it. I even think that the pattern fits the description beautifully: Along the Pacific Coast are vast kelp forests, teaming with life and beauty. This pattern here is homage to those wonderous places.

Plus - the socks got to see some fun things! The leg of the first sock was knit on the whale watching cruise:

We saw the heel in yesterday's post.....

And then, when I got back to my brother in law's house, my niece showed how my foot is about as big as her whole arm:

Yippee for new socks!

Shots of the finished Bird of Paradise socks will have to wait for another day.... I think I smell dinner burning....



OK Cece, you are such an overachiever!! No really, I'm quite impressed with how quickly you finished those socks. They're gorgeous! And the socks for your niece are soooo cute! I finally got my Mystic Sea on...I was able to get 1 1/2 repeats done on my flight home and have about half a sock done, yay! I think I must have ADD. Next time I go whale watching, I'll bring a plain stockinette sock to knit on. I had fun hanging out with you at camp. Hope to see you next year. Linda


Those socks are lovely -- the pattern really helps break up any potential stripiness and shows very well!


Okay, for those of you NOT at sock camp let me add:
I too bought the not me yarn & pattern, BUT I know my limits and I knit a "plain vanilla"sock. Several other very nice and unnamed knitters on the cruise also bought the yarn and pattern and cast on and knit and pulled out and cast on and knit and pulled out repeat and rinse several times. Cece even knit this drunk and it is BEAUTIFUL and by the way would fit me if only......


Hi Cece,
It's so exciting to see a finished pair knit by someone else! Your socks are beautiful!
I enjoyed getting to meet you at camp.
Take care,


Based on the fact that you had your first sock nearly finished by the end of our first class on Friday, I'm only surprised you didn't finish the pair sooner!-lol!

Yes, Cece, probably the only camper who finished a complete baby sock in Cat's workshop!



Gotta love peer pressure! I think the colors are great.


love the socks they really do suit the payttern


and then there is me, still trying to finish the second jaywalker...


Thanks for the comment, and the yarn sales! I'll be selling discount TFC yarn at Lint this Saturday would love to meet ewe! Trish


Hey, Cece-now that I am almost done with a complete cuff, I am noticing how nicely yours striped. Mine isn't striping, but is pooling in such a way that they look almost like broad vertical stripes. Pretty strange, but with this pattern-I'm loving it! Hope you are doing well.