Sunday, March 25, 2007

Wanna see some swimming?

This weekend was the NE Master's Swimming Championships.... and I competed! I didn't take home any medals (think I would need to show up a bit more at swim practice to do that), but I did have fun. Instead of knitting pictures, I'll let you see some of me swimming!

At a backstroke flip turn:

Breaststroke in the 200 IM:

A neck in neck race (I actually won this one! But only the heat, I came in 14th overall in my age group):
People watching from the deck:

All in all, a really fun weekend. I do wish I had gotten my act together and worked out a bit more before this meet - as I know I could have done MUCH better. But it was fun to see 'grown-up' in a swim meet - and having a blast! One guy there was 90 years old and still competing. It was amazing.

I did knit on Mom's Easter shawl, but didn't finish yet. I was too wrapped up in watching the meet and chatting with everyone there. I will admit - I don't remember being so wiped out after a three day meet when I was in college.... I guess 10 years and more than a few extra pounds does make a bit of a difference, huh?



Cool! Congrats on the great meet - I agree with you, there's something phenomenally inspiring about adults'/grownups'/masters'/old folks' (tongue planted firmly in cheek there) competitions.


Sounds like a great meet. My eldest is on our town team, and it's a sport I hope he can keep practicing for life.