Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A project of a different sort..

Mom's Easter Shawl is blocking, and there really isn't much exciting knitting to show. So - I thought I'd show you something that Aaron is working on. Our porch used to look like this:

Which, you probably think looks rather nice. Besides the fact that the tile floor is cracking, that wallboard is warped and the windows are paper thin.... what I can't convey in the pictures is that the previous owners of this house used to leave their dogs in this porch. ALL DAY. It smells (but of course, only when it's warm, and we bought the house in Feb) very musky. So - our plan is to rip everything out to the studs, put in hardwood floor, and take down the walls in between this porch and the office - making one nice big room.

Here is where Aaron is now:

Down to the studs, the floor is totally exposed, and he is ready for the next step. Exciting, right!? Who needs knitting when you have home demo work to entertain you?



demo work...whoo. But look at all the light your new big room will have. That will be good. I always think it is fun to pick out paint...or wood. Have fun.