Thursday, March 22, 2007

Things I like....

Lots of progress has been made on Mom's Easter Shawl.... but nothing that can be seen in a picture. I'm sure it'll be finished by this weekend - I'm competing in a swim meet - which means hours and hours and hours of waiting for (at most) 6 minutes in a row of swimming. *sigh*

But, I've seen this list floating around blogland, and thought it would be a good time to list out things that I like:

- The sound of rain on the roof
- The smell of baking bread
- Watching movies in the movie theater
- Knitting (der)
- Swimming in a lake
- Ice cream
- Babies
- Fresh Paint
- Spending time with friends
- Watching Ice Hockey (live, not on TV)
- Going for walks when it just finishes snowing
- Sleeping in
- Eating dinner outside in the summer (only happens when the bugs aren't around, which is, um, NEVER)
- Speaking of summer, fresh corn and tomatoes from the garden
- Cowboy boots
- Good, strong coffee
- White buttondown shirts
- Sleeping next to Aaron
- The way dogs greet you when you come home
- Pencils
- Mexican Food and Margarita's
- NPR's Wait Wait Don't tell me
- Hot Tubs
- Massages
- Cooking with Aaron
- Going out for 'high tea'
- Daisies
- Goldfish
- Porch swings
- Kites
- Waterfalls
- Aquariums
- Things with flame designs on it
- Purple
- Sangria
- Bikram Yoga
- Handwritten notes in the mail
- Yarn
- Belly Laughs
- Motorcycles
- Mermaids
- Glow in the dark stars on ceilings
- Sleeping with the windows open

Obviously, I like other things... but this was a fun list to make!