Monday, February 05, 2007

Wicked Weekend!

Well, I'm in Mass, right? But seriously, we had a wonderful weekend with my mother celebrating her birthday. First, the promised 'modeling her sweater' picture (on the train into the city):

She looks pretty happy, right? I'm pretty sure she likes it. Once we got into the city, we went to Carnegie Deli for lunch. For whatever reason, my mom LOVES this place. She is this tiny little woman, and she loves these HUGE sandwiches. I'd been there before, so I knew to share a sandwich with Mom - but Aaron was a bit surprised at the size of his roast beef sandwich!

After lunch - we saw Wicked - which everyone enjoyed! Then, we walked back to the hotel, and relaxed for bit (still digesting the meat from lunch). Now, let me tell you what Mom asked for on the trip: she would like to go to Carnegie Deli, see a show, and go to Rockefeller Center and watch the skaters for a bit. Well, I think we accomplished that at dinner:

We ate a wonderful dinner at the Sea Grill - can you see the skaters in the background? Mom was sitting with a perfect view of the ice all night!

I got a bunch of knitting done too - I'll show that tomorrow. But Happy Birthday today to both my Mom and Amanda! Go visit Amanda's blog and wish her Happy Birthday!!!!!



Love the model picture and the suprised husband look - glad you had a great time!


Sounds like a great birthday weekend! Love the sweater and it really looks nice on your Mom. That pic of your husband - what a HOOT! Would make a great billboard ad for the deli!


What a great weekend! Your mom's sweater looks fabbo on her.


Ooh, the sweater looks awesome on the birthday girl! Yahoo!


That's not a sandwich: THIS is a sandwich!! I can't believe the size!! Your mum's jumper looks fantastic and she looks very happy!!!