Tuesday, February 06, 2007

2 FO's!

First - what do you all think of the new look on my blog? It is thanks to a blogger friend at work! We are still tweaking it - but I like the goldfish...

Anyway - as I mentioned yesterday - not only did I have a bunch of fun this weekend, but all of the time spent in the car and on the train gave me time to get a bunch of knitting done. And - they were both UFO's from December! Remember the Waterfall Scarf class I took? I finished the scarf to send to my Grandma for her birthday!


Waterfall Scarf (honestly can't seem to find the pattern on the Web. Woolpack sells it.)

Yarn: Wildfoot, Black Orchid, One skein

Size 8 beads

Size 0 Turbo Addis

Fun knit - not as hard as you would think! I'm going to make another for me, but use Koigu, and size 2 needles. It didn't need to be knit so tightly - but it doesn't look bad knit on the 0's.

Also also finished my Lenten Rose socks from my Sundra Petals Collection club...

These were a fun knit! I just needed to take a break from finishing to work on my Mom's sweater! I'm excited to have them done before the next installment arrives... maybe this will be a trend for the rest of the year? I have 8 more pairs worth of yarn coming to me in the mail!


Sundra Yarn SOTM, Lenten Rose Pattern

Size 0 needles

I haven't knit lace in a while - so I think that is why this was so fun for me. And the pattern was interesting enough that I had to think about it - but I was able to memorize it after few repeats. This had a funky heel construction - it's a very small heel compared to what I am used to. I'm wearing these to work today - and I'll be interested to see if they stay in place. The pattern also calls for a star toe - which I haven't used since my first pair of socks! I thought they would look bad - but the star toe is kind of funky.

And the yarn? Awesome.

And on a final note? I finished the reknitting on my Aunt's sweater. I'll be dropping that off at the yarn store today. Now - I get to think of what I want to knit next! Yippeee!



Love the goldfish but I think at least one of them should be wearing a sweater! Congrats on the FO's! The scarf looks very impressive!


cece...i seriously can't believe you knit anything with a size 0 needle. that is INSANE to me. Also, i can't keep up with all your posts...but it's fun to see all the pics.


I love the new look! All your FO's look wonderful, maybe I should get back to mine, but I am on a spinning spiel right at the moment.


I love your new look, and that's awesome you are finishing up so much stuff!


I'm really impressed by the beautiful work that you're doing! The scarf is so very unique and cute, and the socks rock big time! I absolutely adore lace patterns for socks, and this is a particularly beautiful one! Great new look of your blog too!