Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lookie what we have here....

Any guesses?

This is a very bad picture of a 'new old' project. This is the beginnings of a Felted Knapsack from Knitability. I bought this at Stitches East in 2003! When I saw Eunny's Entralac socks in the newest IK - it reminded me that I had this kit.

I started knitting on it while attending the Beanpot with Aaron and his Uncle - what an exciting game! Go BU! They won in overtime... fun stuff!

Much more knitting has gotten done lately than has shown up on the blog, but blogging time has been short. Henry managed to rip his toenail almost off on Sunday night, and after 2 visits to the emergency vet, we managed to stop the bleeding - but he is a pretty miserable pup. He has a big bandage and needs to wear one of those crazy E-collars so he doesn't mess with the bandage. Tomorrow we will go to the vet and get the bandage taken off - hopefully everything looks fine, and he can go back to being a happy dog again. Right now he is pretty miserable. And I feel so bad - because it isn't like you can explain to him why you are forcing him to stay still and not run around.

A new finished FO tomorrow!



Poor pup! I always feel so bad when animals are hurt and you just can't tell them why :(


Give that poor pooch a big smooch from me! It's no fun being idle, unless you can knit, which I guess he can't. I can't wait to see the Entrelac!


Poor Henry! I hope he heals up quickly.


Poor Henry, Harki knows how that feels, she split her nail badly last year. Hope he's feeling better soon!!


It looks like you have made a good start. Now with the additional yarn already in the mail, you should be good to go!!!!

Gwen Bortner