Thursday, January 25, 2007

With friends like this....

Who needs to buy yarn!?

This past weekend, my knitting buds finally got together to exchange holiday presents. I would love to show you pictures of my haul - but my DH still has the camera looking for the ever elusive cable I need. But I can link up all over the place - to give you all an idea. First, Laurie and Susan spent Saturday doing some yarn shopping (at KnitWitts in Brookfield) and Laurie found some Ritratto in a wonderful multi color. She got me two balls - which I think will be enough for one of the smaller scarves from Victorian Lace Today. It's all pretty and shiny.

Sunday was present opening day. Both Bonnie and Tarsha got me some fun fabric from patternworks - and Bonnie threw in a SUPER cool knitting tool - a light that goes over your ear, for knitting in the dark (like on long car the movies, ect)! How cool is that?

Susan helped increase the sock yarn stash with 2 skeins of Cherry Tree (in a colorway I can't find a link to) - and also included some CD's from Hayseed Dixie, which I've been listening to all week! Too funny.

But Laurie was the trickiest gal of all. On Monday night, she gave me the book Fair Isling on Blue Moon. That evening, I took the book to bed with me, and was so tempted to blow the whole stashbusting crap and buy some STR to start a pair of these socks! On Tuesday, after I left for work - Laurie left this kit on my knitting chair - which I didn't find until she was back in CA!

Yarn, how I love thee.

Amanda also gave us some awesome polymer clay things that she made - but since no camera, we'll have to wait to show those off.

My Bejeweled scarf is blocking as we speak - perhaps a fashion show tomorrow! I'm back and committed to Mom's Birthday Sweater - hoping to have that blocking by the end of the weekend (her birthday is Feb 5th). I also have found the perfect pattern and yarn (from my stash, of course) for a baby sweater that I need to make for a co-worker who is due in the next 2 weeks. I'll show pictures of all that soon!