Tuesday, January 23, 2007


My mom's birthday sweater is at that akward stage of being to large to stuff in my purse. A lot of my knitting gets done while away from the house, so progress on it has been minimal (but, I'm up to 14 inches now! Need to get to 18 to split for the neck!). I am totally and completely addicated to knitting Bejewled. I think it's a combo of the yarn (Malabrigo in a yummy spring green color) and the easy, yet beautiful, pattern! To me, knitting this scarf is like knitting the Jaywalkers.

I'm at the halfway point now - and hoping that I will make it with this one skien of yarn - I would love to make matching mittens:

See how great the pattern is? Love it! Best $2.25 I ever spent.

Oh yeah - we have snow! Winter is finally here!!!!!