Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What I've been up to

So - I alluded to the large amount of sock knitting that got done over vacation. Stupid blogger wouldn't load one of the pictures, so here is a picture of the first of the Sundara Petal's Lenten Rose socks:

I'm really loving the yarn, which I've never worked with before, and the lace pattern is beautiful, without being too complicated (although complicated enough to not be boring). Love it. Hopefully I'll have the second one done soonish - as I can't wait to wear these! I'm flying to Chicago tomorrow for work - so I'll get a bunch of knitting time in the air.

But, you know I couldn't resist my NEW yarn. The Classic 'Soft Tweed' yarn is super nice - the 10% silk makes a difference. Oh, and knitting on size 9 needles after 2 weeks of using size 1's or less is also a great change. I cast on for Emerald on the drive up to the cabin for New Year's eve, and as of today, here is where I am:

Done with the body up to the armpits, and I have finished one sleeve. I'm just on the cuff of the second. Then, I'll have the raglan shaping, and what looks to be a rather painful button band process, but I choose not to think of that right now. This is now just to big to carry around - so it's night-time knitting only at this point.

When I get back from Chicago, I'll be posting the details of my first 'along'. Amanda and I are going to co-host a Stash-A-long, one that will go for a minimum of 3 months. We are going to have a point system, and prizes (that include chocolate, because, as Cate points out, it is a food group in itself). The focus is going to be both on not buying more yarn (although we will have a couple of exceptions) but also on finishing up all those UFO's you may have hidden in closets.



The sock looks great as does the colour of Emerald you are knitting.
The stashalong sounds great, let me know when you are starting it.


A stashalong sounds brilliant. I'm on a yarn diet myself and misery loves company!


I'm looking forward to the StashAlong. You can never have enough Stashalongs. Did you see I have over 5 miles of sock yarn (this does not include the Blue Moon stuff that arrived yesterday!? Yeesh!


You have done well love the socks and you seem to get so much done in so little time