Friday, January 05, 2007

Details for our Bust Along!

Like everyone else, I've got a bunch of stash. And a few UFO's. My buddy Amanda and I have decided to have the next 3 months be a stash busting/UFO finishing binge, a 'bustalong', if you will (stashbusting and UFO busting). Amanda is using this time to focus on finishing some of her UFO's (like sewing in zippers on finished sweaters, or assembling stuff that she has finished knitting, but hasn't put together yet), whereas I'm doing a more 'use the yarn I already have' focus, but also finish a few of the things I have had sitting around for a while. We are being pretty strict (at least in terms of other stash alongs that are floating around out there), and are opening it up to let others join us if you'd like. As an added incentive, we are going to have a prizes at the end!

Here are our plans:

1. Only knitting from the stash from Jan 15th - April 15th. Exceptions to this rule are as follows:
- If you are knitting an item for 'pay'. Like a hat or something that someone is paying for you to knit.
- If there is gift knitting that you honestly don't have yarn for in the stash. In my case, that is somewhat unlikely, but it could happen to others, I guess!
- If you are going on knitting retreat or other 'only chance you have to buy' in this timeframe. I, for example, am going to the Blue Moon Sock Camp April 10 - 14th. That is just cruel to think that I won't be able to buy any of there wonderful yarn while there. Seriously!

2. Must declare one WIP to be finished in the stash-along timeframe, and show off any others you have laying around (at least to be able to get credit for them if you finish them in the 3 month timeframe)
3. Must flash your stash
4. Need to do numbers 2 and 3 on your blog or flicker account by the stash-along start date (Jan 15th) to be eligible for the prize
4. Previously joined sock of the month clubs do not count
5. Books, needles and patterns do not count, assuming you are buying them for a yarn you already own.

On April 15, Amanda and I will judge from for winners for the following prizes:

Most Ambitious FO. This prize will go to the person who completes the most insane project (like a Wedding Ring shawl or something else insane like that)

Best Stasher: Goes to the person(s) who make it the most days without buying yarn

Best FOer: Person who whips through the most UFOs in the three months

Random Prize: A name pulled from the hat of people who just wanted to play with us!

I've set up a group blog for us, leave me a comment and I'll get you added.



Are you going to have a button? Not sure how they work, but it'll be my first "..along" - yeah! Thanks guys for setting it up, I'm off to take inventory and make a plan.


I'm game - ! Sara


I'm in. :)


I'm interested in joining the -along, although I might be disqualified from the prizes because I haven't gotten photos worked out yet. I started my blog yesterday! (But I don't mind being disqualified from the prizes over the photos - because after all, prizes are stash enhancement...always nice, but hardly ever necessary...)