Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Thinking about my stash...

So. I've joined the Yarn Focus Challange and started my own Bustalong. I seriously don't have big guilt about the amount of stash that I have... it's all good stuff that I know I will knit some day. I actually feel comforted having it around, knowing that if I stopped bringing in money tomorrow - I would have enough yarn to keep me knitting happily for months, it not years! It's more about the money. As everyone knows, we spend a lot of money (and TIME!) fixing up our house... and I don't need to spending all this money on yarn. I have yarn. I can use what I have.

Since I'm trapped at work, watching yet another vital test fail 3 days away from our go-live date, I thought I would give myself to luxury of daydreaming about the yarn I have in my stash, and what I want to make out of it.

Cashmerino: I bought enough of this to make the Deep V vest. It was a bit of a disaster, so I ripped it out. I think I'm going to re purpose the yarn to make a few baby items. Like this sweater.

A tweedy red yarn: I think this is some form of Cascade (I'm in the office, not near my stash). I have 20 balls of this stuff. I'm always thinking of things to make with it, and then don't do it. I really want to make that sweater from Big Girl Knits that Ann just finished....

Enough Malabrigo in a wonderful red/pinky color for a sweater for me. I had a pattern in mind for this yarn - but I didn't love it.

Black Abby yarn - for Marilyn (you need to scroll down a bit)

Beaverslide yarn - in three different colors. I was going to make a slip stitch sweater for me. Now I need to re-think.

Dancing Colors Yarn - for the Little Edo jacket. God - I should just make this. The sample was so beautiful.

My new alpaca yarn for the wrap from Inspired Cable knits

Green Silk/Wool Blend yarn from cascade. I brought this to make Mariah... and frogged it. There is another cable pattern from Inspired Cable Knits I could use this for...

Sock yarn up the WAZOO! I should count. I would think that I have enough for 30 pairs. I promise to count tonight when I get home.

And kits. I have a sweater kit for the Marmalade Jacket that I have started. I have Vivan Hoxboro Trip-Trap jacket kit. I have that shawl kit that Susan gave me.

The lace weight! I have huge amounts of lace weight yarn. I have hot pink, green, grey, dark gray, natural, purple... all enough for epic lace items. And then the little skeins of yarn. For hats... or mittens... or something I couldn't resist.

Ah. I need to go home. I will go count my sock yarn stash... and log back into work.

: (

But this knitting daydreaming did help!



Daydreaming about knitting is often the only things that get me through my day. I wish my space bags would get here so I could reorganize my stash and remember what I have in there.