Thursday, January 18, 2007

Picture day!

My camera has been having 'issues', so I apologize that my blog has been lacking in pictures lately. But - anyone else getting annoyed with the crappy winter weather, and the lack of daylight hours? It totally effects my abilty to take decent pictures. Not like I take these amazing pictures or anything....

I've been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately - this has never been a problem for me before, so it really frustrating. Last night, I was completely awake until 3 AM. I was trying to fall alseep from 10:30 to midnight, and then gave up. I went downstairs and watched some of my Tivo'd shows (Grey's and Men in Trees) and did some knitting on my Mom's sweater.

I really like the cable pattern - it looks so complicated, but is very easy to follow. This picture doesn't show the color at all - I guess I'm in my 'blue phase' - blue socks, blue sweater for my Aunt, the failed blue chunky sweater for me, and now this blue sweater for my mother. Guess that is another reason to knit the red sweater next... more stash daydreaming. I'm not letting myself cast on for anything new until Mom's birthday sweater is done. Thankfully - it is going fast. I'm a little over halfway until the collar split, and then one sleeve to go.

In fun mail news, I got some new fun sock needle holders. The metal one I had been using is lost. I think I dropped it in Amanda's car on our drive to Webs.... but that holder isn't perfect. It has a very sharp edge, and is a little bit too long, so sometimes a needle will drop out. I got these on Etsy:

It has cute beads, a strechy cables, and these little black end caps. Not hard to make, but a great idea! I think they will serve me well - and I got a bunch of them, so no more runaway needles. And yep - that is my Lenten Rose socks => no new progress on that.

I don't know if I mentioned, but I joined the Runagogo blog - which has a goal to move 100 miles by April 1st. I'm at 6 miles (3 swimming, and then 3 last night on the treadmill!). I expected to be a lot further by now, but I'm a little behind, thanks to that stupid cold from last week. But, I'm sure I can make it, and it's a wonderful motivator. What a great idea!



Locw those dpn protectors!! Just ordered me a some in blue!!!


Okay, I will try to remember to look in my car for the needle holder. Maybe if you had told me, I could have LOOKED... no promises that I'll give it back, though! Ha!


The cable pattern is really nice, cables do seem to knit up quickly.

Did you get my email with the tea cosy pattern attached??