Monday, January 15, 2007


Sorry I've been MIA, but this last week has been killer. I got a wicked cold/flu thing, at the same time that work got really hectic. Thankfully, this is a long weekend for me.. so I've been holed up - sleeping late to recover, and watching the first and second seasons of 24. I'm totally addicted.

Of course, I've been knitting. My mother's 65th birthday is on Feb 5th - and she asked for a very specific sweater - the Celtic Braid pullover from the Northampton Wools Store Patterns. I've finished one sleeve and the back:

As usual, I didn't read the pattern before buying the yarn. I've heard sweater this this referred to a 'coffin' sweaters - where the pattern is only on the front! I really don't like designs like this - but the front has three cables like the one you see on the sleeve. I know I wouldn't have enough yarn if I did the front and back the same, so I'm keeping to the pattern. Although, the back, with the seed stitch, is actually pretty in it's own way.

I also dropped the sweater for my Aunt off at the yarn store. I decided to get it 'finished' by the lady there. Henry had gotten a hold of it, and put a hole in the back - which I tried to repair, with minimal success. I don't want this sweater to be crappy when I give it to Magee, so I've called in the pros. They'll put it together far better than I would, and add the crochet edging.

Today is the first day of 91 days of no yarn buying! Wish me luck! I didn't even do any last hurrah shopping while at the yarn store yesterday... guess I'm really sick.



I was wondering where you were, I do hope you get better soon, I hate being sick and especially with the flu. The jumper for your mum is really nice, I have never heard the description for a pattern with the pattern on the front only as "a coffin pattern". But I guess it makes sense as you would only see the front when laying in a coffin - see you can teach an old dog new things - and that is something I learnt today.


No, no, not really sick just ready to not buy yarn. That's a good sign you'll do amazingly well for these next 90 days (well 90 from today).


I knew I should have called you. I got hit with the same thing and spent this weekend watching tv and knitting and have been wanting to get into 24. Plus I have a very old gift for you (quasi-birthday/christmas/house-guest/friend/knitting mate).