Sunday, January 21, 2007

Not my mother's sweater

My friend Laurie is visiting from CA *happy dance*.

But - since I want to talk and hang out and stuff, I put my Mom's birthday sweater aside for a little bit, and cast on for a couple mindless projects. Remember, I'm knitting from my stash for at least the next 3 months? Well, I had 5 balls of Fun Fur in my stash. I know, I know. But I bought it to make the Monster Slippers from Stitch and Bitch - and let's get real - I love my sheepskin slippers and wouldn't really ever wear anything else. I saw about Kate's Hat Drive for chemo hats for children.

As Cara says, when they name this stuff Fun Fur, "It's only fun if by fun you mean NOT FUN". But - the hats will make a sick child happy - and that makes me happy. 3 more to go.

And then, for whatever reason, I've got a bug in my butt about making a picot cast on sock, so I started one of those:

I got the pattern from Boogaj and the yarn from my stash. I was getting a bit sad because I wanted to make an orange and pink sock, and couldn't buy any yarn.... and then I went into my stash, and found orange and pink yarn. 6 different kinds of orange and pink sock yarn. Shut up, Amanda.

Today, we are having a little Laurie Party at my place. We'll be knitting and laughing and eating and drinking.... and I'll get some work done on my Mom's sweater. Maybe.



Pink and orange socks. Yeah, too bad you couldn't go out and buy that yarn... that you don't have.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (You know I couldn't resist)


I know what you mean, I am so over fun fur yarn, but when for a great project like chemo hats, then it makes it all worthwhile to knit them.


Yeah. Hey? I think you've got a smallish stash of sock yarn in the freezer. Why don't you post about that?


Great job, sticking with the bustalong. I'm going to make the hats, too!