Saturday, December 30, 2006

Minor obsession....

So. On Dec 20th, I received my STR SOTM package. On the 21st, I bought the beads and started knitting. On the 26th, I learned of the lack of yarn... but on the 28th, I sat with my knitting buds and watched the first 8 episodes of Dexter, and Susan gave me her emergency yarn... and I finished these up!

I present..... drumroll....... my Double emergency Socks! (AKA Winter's Eve)

Pattern: Winter's Eve from Blue Moon Fiber Arts
Yarn: Socks that Rock, Lightweight, Mustang Sally Colorway (one skein plus 2 of the little emergency 'keychain' skeins)
Needles: Size 1
Comments: I'm a sucker for beaded knitting and socks with cables... so obviously I needed to start these the minute they arrived. I made the medium size in the pattern, and the leg fits perfectly, but I would have wished I went down to a size 0 for the foot. Although I would have run out of yarn faster if that were the case. I don't think that Blue Moon should feel bad about me running out of yarn - as I have size 10.5 woman's feet - but wouldn't it be cool if they sold yarn in 'Big Foot' skeins for those of us that may need a few yards more? One other comment - the dye totally came off on my hands. I'm going to soak the sock in cold water and vinegar before I wear them - otherwise I'm sure my feet will turn bright red!

Here is a close up of the side of the sock:

And the beads that run down both the front and back of the socks:

And, in the 2 day wait for the additional sock yarn... I finally finished my Celtic Braid socks!

Pattern: Celtic Braid from Cabin Fever
Yarn: Sedrun from Froehlick, color 5578
Needles: Size 1
Comments: This pattern is a great 'big foot' pattern - the ribbing makes the sock fit just right. I've become somewhat spoiled in that the yarn wasn't my favorite - it was a little splitty, and not soft at all (although I haven't washed them yet). But - I bet these socks become a favorite pair because I love the fit, color, and cable down the side! I'm SO glad these are finally done! It usually NEVER takes me 6 months to finish a pair of socks.

And finally, I got my first installment of the Sundara yarn Petals Collection SOTM club on Thursday. Since I still didn't have the yarn to finish the red socks, I cast on for them. Stupid Blogger isn't letting me add the final picture, so those are for another day. The pattern is called Lenten Rose, and the yarn is a beautiful grey color, with a hint of purple. I haven't knit lace in a while - so it took a little to get in the groove with these, but they are so beautiful!

So - 2.5 paris of socks in a little over a week! I'm a sock knitting FREAK!

And no - I haven't finished my Aunt sweater yet. Maybe this weekend.



the socks came out beautifully!! i was losing sleep over the yarn shortage...whew!! happy new year to you!


Those are awesome socks. I can't wait until I can do that. I'm still learning but I crave the talent for sock knitting. They are so cute.

Happy New Year and I enjoyed my visit to your blog. :)


They are both really nice, it was so good that you got more yarn to finish them. It is New Year's Eve here, overcast with the odd bit of rain. Happy New Year to you.


Wow! Your socks are absolutely fantastic, both of them - such great patterns!
Happy New Year, and all the best to you and your family!