Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Missing: Knitting Mojo

Well, I did do a bunch of knitting on my vacation. I got the back and one front done on the sweater I'm making my Aunt (so only another front, and the final sleeve)... and I totally finished the Waterfall Scarf, although it is way too short - I needed to order more beads. But I'm just not in a knitting mood lately! How crazy is that?

But, I've been thinking about knitting in other ways. First, I've been begging for the book Victorian Lace Today for Christmas, and I may have ruined the surprise for myself by looking on my Amazon wish list, and discovering that it's been purchased (along with Inspired Cable Knits). Whooooo hooooo!!! Which of course led me to sign up for the KAL that is going on for it.

Amanda and I have also been formulating a plan for a Stash-A-Long (to coincide with Rebekah's YFC). I'm not sure of all of the rules yet, but I do believe that we'll run it from Jan 15th - April 15th. There is a big yarn sale (usually) at Webs for the end of the year, and we can't pass that up! But we both admit to having WAY too much yarn, and want to work our way through a lot of it. I'll keep you all in the loop.

I also saw the mention of the Bejeweled Knit Along on Lolly's blog. It's a really cool scarf pattern, and Shobhana is donating all the profits from the sale to F.I.R.E. I think that is a great plan, so I've purchased the pattern (come on, it's only $2.25!) and have joined the knit along.

I think my funk comes from knitting things that I'm just not in love with. That sweater - the yarn is great... but it's SO BORING!! And I was all excited about the Waterfall Scarf, and it's too short. I'll get back into the knitting groove, but for now, I plug along on the Maria sweater. If I can finish the pieces by Tuesday, my buddy Susan said she'd help me with the crochet edging. Phew. Because crocheting around every freaking edge would add another level of horrible misery to making this sweater, let me tell you!!



Yeah! You will love both of those books. I just got my Victorian Lace from Amazon today, it's sitting on a chair by my desk and I'm so itching to look through it!


I'm with Rebekah - Victorian Lace is *gorgeous*! And don't blame you for not wanting to do all that crochet edging.