Monday, December 25, 2006

Handmade and high tech!

Well - Aaron opened his Christmas presents, and I can finally blog about one of the big surprises!

TA DA!!!

This stocking was started 5 Christmas's ago. In my family, everyone has a hand made Christmas stocking... and I didn't see one for Aaron in his house. Little did I know, that his mother knits stockings for everyone (and she had his at her house). Since I didn't get it finished in time for that Christmas, it kind of got pushed aside. When cleaning out my yarn room, I found it again... and decided that I put so much work into this 5 years ago - I needed to finish it up! I think it's so pretty - and then I even put in the lining and finished it up myself! I think it's super cool, and so does Aaron.

But, that wasn't all he got. In addition to a pair of handmade pj's bottoms, indoor soccer shoes and a Shrek chia pet (tee hee), I got him and 80 gig iPod! He was totally surprised, and he loves it:

Merry Christmas to everyone! I'll show you my presents tomorrow (hint - yarn and knitting books!)



Merry Christmas Cece. Did you have a white christmas? Do you know here we had a nice sunny day, it was a bit cool for this time of year, but lovely it was about 21. We had snow in Tasmania, Victoria snow fields and NSW snow fields. Victoria was just like full on winter where it snowed, it looked wonderful.