Thursday, November 02, 2006

The WIP in progress list grows and NaBloPoMo...

Here is one of my purchases from the WEBS trip:

It's a cone of Shetland Wool - I want to make the Baby Surprise jacket - and I think this color will be sweet. The pattern calls for 3 ozs of shetland wool - at a gauge of 6 sts to the inch... I had trouble deciding how much yarn that translates to - so just bought this little cone. It was $17 for 800 yards - that's GOT to be enough.

My active WIP list is growing. Those beautiful Nordic mittens are unfortunatly WAY too small for my hands. So I still need to make a set of mittens for the fast approching cold weather! I saw this pattern Fuzzy Noodle Knits and knew I had just the right Koigu in the stash:

It's color P121, and I've actually bought it twice! Once for a failed pair of socks, and then I gifted the yarn to a friend to make a hat with it... and when I saw it again, couldn't resist. It's been waiting in the stash for just the right project.

And I think I'm going to give NaBloPoMo a shot - blogging every day for the month of Nov!? I think I may have missed the sign up deadline... so we'll see what happens. You guys are going to see blow by blow shots of my knitting....MORE than usual!



I love that L Neatby pattern!

and hey, maybe those Nordic mittens would fit my mitts ;)


That yarn should look nice. I like that pattern! I believe for baby sweaters (based on age) it starts at 400 yards needed. So, you should be fine.


I know someone with MUCH smaller hands than you......she lives in California.