Friday, November 17, 2006

A little for me, and a little for others...

Today, I took a class from my LYS. Behold, the beginnings of my waterfall scarf:

I think this is SO pretty!!! I'm to the part where I start the boring part of the scarf. It's going to be a very short scarf - just covering my neck. And I love it.

And, this morning I finished my mittens for the Mitten Project:

I looked at the recommended patterns on the website, decided on the Gifted mittens pattern, and used cashmerino superchunky. I think these took me about an hour (in total!) to make - but they are so soft and luxurious - I'm sure that they will be well loved.



Way cool scarf. Is the pattern the one from Beadworks magazine?


Awww, these mittens look so soft and cozy and warm - just perfect for the cold days that are yet to come! And your scarf is going to look absolutely fantastic, what an amazing pattern - I can't wait to see more of it!