Thursday, November 09, 2006

Getting ready...

For my weekend away.

Here is my pile of fabric:

I've spent enough time sewing this week to have sewn together all the strips, and then re-cut them. I'm ready to sit down and sew them together into the final blocks! Phew. I really wanted to get the cutting done before the quilting weekend, as my cutting table is just the right height. And, with all this pre-work, I'll hopefully avoid my tendency to stay awake all night sewing, and killing myself. I go home completely wiped out from these weekends... this time, I'm hopefully being smarter.

Ha. ha. ha. Because, in that above picture, you can see the fabric for the bag I want to make also... but already packed is fabric for a few minky quilts. Once I sit down in the room with all those quilters, I'm going to become obsessed, who am I kidding!?

We'll see if I'm able to pull off blogging while I'm gone. I'm still trying to blog every day this month, but technology may foil me this weekend - as we are just in a little B&B. I'm not really willing to sacrifice too much quilting time dealing with dial up!

Oh. And on a non-knitting note? I saw my first horror movie today - Saw III. WTF on that one! Why do people like this stuff!? Way too scary for me!!!!



Well, hopefully you won't wake up tomorrow morning strapped into some weird, spiky corset thing. No, I'm quite certain that this will TOTALLY not happen... erm, happy quilting???


Horror movies are horrible. I went to see Event Horizon and it was so awful I had to hide my eyes for the whole second half. I don't like to be scared at all. Have a very happy quilting weekend and I hope you sew a lot!!!!


What?!! You're going quilting without me? I'm hurt. Have lots of fun and skip the blogging and just quilt. The last quilting retreat I went on I spent one day quilting from 7-after midnight!!