Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dulaan Project

In general, I'm not a gal to sign up for charity knitting. I fully admit that I am more of a 'knit for people I know and ME' sort of gal. But, my feeling on this has changed in the last month. If I'm not going to have my own baby to knit for in the very near future, I'm going to turn some of that knitting energy (and stash!) into helping out needy kids.

The deadline for 2007 for Dulaan is July 1st, so I decided to join Ryan in the

With the amount of stuff I can crank out, I should easily at least be able to do 5 hats or pairs of mittens, but my real goal is going to be 5 sweaters. For at least a 5 year old size, if not up to 8 years old.

My first project is going to be one of the Yankee Knitter designs, using some Elann Highland Wool I got a few years ago - thinking I would make Aaron a sweater. The orphans in Mongolia will appreciate it a bit more, I think!



I don't think I signed up in time, but I'm planning to knit 5 for Dulaan too. First, though I'm making some hats for Caps to the Capital.


Dulaan is a wonderful project. You'll have your five (or more) items done in no time!


You just keep getting better all the time! You go!