Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Finished Bathroom!

Last night, at 12:30 AM, my brother arrived for Thanksgiving. At 11:30 PM, we got the final picture hung on the bathroom! Remember the before pictures? Here are the after!

Of course, someday we want to put in new fixtures and re-tile this room, but for now, we are just going to live with the linoleum and strange brown wall tile and toilet. The only thing I haven't finished is doing something with the window... a valance or curtain, maybe a Roman shade? Still undecided. But the rest of it - I love it! Just by putting new drawer pulls on the vanity and a new faucet, the vanity looks brand new! And the paint, at first I thought it was a little too bright, but after hanging the fun 'How to be an Artist' poster, I think it looks great.

I brought the shower curtain over a year ago... so I'm a bit embarassed as to how excited I was when I went to buy the rug and other 'things' that Linen's and things still carried everything. At least I didn't go super crazy and buy the kleenex cover. Oh - and one last thing? We also installed a 'luxury' shower curtain rod - have you heard of these? They come out from the wall in a curve - makes the tub seem HUGE! For $30 (in that link, it's $40 - we got ours at Home Depot) - it's totally worth it. Huzzah!

Off to work (hopefully they take pity on us and let us out early) and then spending time with family. Oh - and yesterday, I crossed everything off my 'before Thanksgiving' list, and came close to finishing the knitting on my surprise thing... maybe there will be some knitting progress to show off tomorrow.



Those shower rods are brilliant, brilliant I say, hehe


Looks great!! I like the relax sign and the artist poster is very funny. I shall be doing the snail one I think!!!


Nice job! Happy thanksgiving to you and your family, Cece!


i like the brightness of it all. happy thanksgiving.