Friday, October 27, 2006

Post number 500

Today is my 500th post! Geez. I feel like I should have something spectacular to say... um... but not really anything super exciting....

I do have an FO - it actually was finished a little over a week ago, but needed to sew in the ends still. This is the Baby Bonnet from Last Minute Knitted gifts out of the Koigu Kersti I got in NYC:

So - obviously this was knit in the baby excitement. I'm planning on making the Child's Placket Neck Pullover in matching yarn, and also making the same bonnet in the reverse colors with the leftovers from this one. At first, I was going to give this away... but Aaron convinced me the keep it - I spent a long time at String picking out just the right color for MY baby. The baby will be here some day!

In non-knitting news, fall is here, and Aaron has finished the big outdoor project - the brick walkway! I wanted to give you guys a look, but he says that the pictures I took don't do it justice. So you'll have to wait on that. But the reason I'm telling you all this, is that it means I'm allowed to start up a 'winter' (indoor) project. Since my whole family is coming over for Thanksgiving (YIPPEE! My brother hasn't seen my house yet!) I wanted to finally get the wallpaper down in the guest bath.

Here are some before pictures:

It's pretty bad. Aaron had already started doing a bit of work in here, changing the light switch from the inside of the bathroom to the inside (can you see the big hole in the wall in the first picture?). Last night, I got most of the wallpaper down - thankfully, it wasn't that hard. I still have a few places that I need to work on, and after that, we need to fix a few spots on the walls - but then, I'm planning on painting the walls a nice deep blue. I was going to go a funky lime green, but we aren't replacing those wall tiles, and I'm just not sure it will look right. I think I'll also replace the medicine cabinet, light, and faucet. And do something nicer with the window!




We are moving in two months and I can't wait for the indoor projects. I think we will do a lot of painting, but thankfully no wallpaper.