Saturday, October 28, 2006

Socktober's Revenge

Last night, I finished my Titania's Revenge socks!

Now that the second sock is done, my mistake is a bit more visible. On the first sock, I managed to decrease by about 10 extra stitches (without noticing? WTF!?).... and I needed to increase a bunch to make up for it. I kind of did the same thing on the right sock, but not quite as badly. It's had to decrease in a lace pattern....


Titania's Revenge Pattern from the Sock's that Rock SOTM Club.

I used Size 1 Pony Pearls, and did the large size.

These look me 6 days to knit! I think the quickest I've finished a pair of complicated socks. It's a really neat pattern, the hardest part is the foot - where you need to decrease in the lace pattern to bring the cable across the top of the foot.

And look at the amount of yarn I had leftover....

Those gals at Blue Moon really know what they are doing (or I'm REALLY lucky!).

Today, I'm off to the fabric store to get fabric for this quilt. I'm going to try and get it done in time so I can give it to my Mom for Christmas. We are actually going to Western Mass to see my father in law, so I'm going to try and get a Web's trip in also!

Have a great weekend!



Your TR socks look great, really, I can't tell there is any 'mistake'. I like to think of mistakes as an 'individualisation of the pattern'!!!


I see no mistakes...but I see great socks.


That's amazing how much yarn you have left - crazy! and I don't see a mistake either.