Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Knitting and movies, in review

So, yesterday I got a ton of knitting done. I finished the first of the Titania's Revenge socks... and it's cool:

I did mess up - but I don't think anyone can tell...

I'm halfway down the cuff of the second pair.

Movie review:

Elizabeth I (HBO movie): Total chick flick. It's a 2 disk movie... good for a rainy day. For such a long movie - it totally held my interest.
Take the Lead: Another one of those 'guy comes into an inner city school and turns lives around' sort of stories. I would have been annoyed if I spent the money to see it in the theater, but decent enough.
Fast and Furious, Tokyo Drift: Total GUY movie. Fun to watch the cool cars. That's about it.

Tomorrow, maybe I'll have a pair of socks and a few more movies... I'm actually working from home today, so I'd better get back to it.



Well, I TEWTALLY like the sock pattern with the cool, across the foot faux cable, although the number of people who will actually get to SEE the faux cable... well, it's like one of those secrets that no one but YOU gets in on! I like it. As for the messup, the only one I can see is that you clearly made the socks in YOUR size instead of MINE! :)


Wow, what fantastic socks!!!! We just has ERI over 2 Sunday nights. Helen Mirren is just wonderful. She is also being ERII in a new movie!!


Great socks! I have just been catching up on your blog. I found you through Alison's baby bumpers KAL and wanted to send you words of encouragement (we were trying for over 18 mos., too). Then I read about your recent ectopic and just ached for you! :( It's so good you found out about it and are being treated, though. I have a friend who didn't have hers diagnosed/treated in time and now has a blocked tube which is (obviously) really hampering her efforts to get pregnant.
Sending you healing thoughts and best wishes! *hugs*


Wonderful socks (and might I add walkway :)!