Friday, September 15, 2006

Too funny.

So. I have started taking spin classes 2 times a week. I used to go to spinning classes everyday way back when (like 5 years ago), and I remember now why I got so addicted to them. I love biking, but the loud music and fun atmosphere makes it a great way to exercise. Anyway. These classes are at 5:45 in the morning on Tuesday and Friday. I usually blog in the morning before work. I don't think I need to tell you guys that as much as I love the blog, I'm not getting up before 5 AM to do this!

I did finish the Owl Sweater yesterday.... but neglected to take pictures. Aaron is working from home today, so I asked if he could take a couple shots for me, and I think these will make you guys laugh. First, the full sweater:

Like his cropping? Too funny. And then, I asked for close-ups on the owls:
And closer:

Project Details:
Pattern: Baby Owl, by Penny Straker
Yarn: Elann Sonata, cotton yarn, discontinued color
Needles: Size 1
Started July 31st, Finished Sept 14th

My quilting friends turned me on to this pattern, and the way the owls are constructed are just too cool to pass up. Aaron is a bit nervous that our future baby is going to be totally clothed in knitwear featuring animals. Well, they are cute, and that is what matters.

I made one major mistake on this, on the front, you start with 50 stitches on each side, and are supposed to decrease to 45 after the ribbing. I forgot that part, and didn't notice until I started the SECOND front... so the front is about 2 inches bigger than the back. I was all stressed out about it when I noticed, and then decided - it's for a baby! It's FINE. And I left it as is. Once it's on a wiggly baby, you'll never notice.

I haven't knit with cotton in a while, and I really wouldn't recommend doing this pattern in cotton. The gauge on this sweater is pretty small (I was getting 6 sts to the inch, but I think it may have even called for more sts to the inch, I don't have the pattern in front of me) so the cabling with the cotton and the tight gauge was rough. I do like the finished product...although I had a little button crisis. You can see that you need to use tiny tiny buttons to make the eyes for the owls. I thought I have gotten matching larger buttons for the closures... but nope. The color is totally off - more of an olive green.

So I'll need to go do some button searching. The good thing is that I'm volunteering at the Boston Knit Out on the weekend of the 23rd - I'm hoping Windsor Button is open on Sunday (nope, they aren't. Just checked. Heavy Sigh) so I can get these buttons and buttons for the other little baby sweater I've made this summer.




The sweater is really darling, and the cropping, um great *schnort*


That is so cute, good job by the photographer, the owls are gorgeous.


Wow, this sweater is totally amazing - I so love the details you added, especially the owls! Fantastic job! And yay for taking spin classes - I sure admire you for being able to do this kind of exercise so early in the morning! I couldn't - or wouldn't?? - for the life of me, I'm afraid ;(


So cute I think it is stunning. Photos at least the important parts are there


The sweater is adorable and I love the owls. Last year Windsor Button was open on the Sunday of the Knit Out because I remember going to do some shopping. The most frustrating thing about the Knit Out is the lack of shopping opportunities, don't you think? Anyway, I'll see you there.


So cute!! Great colour and absolutely gorgeous owls and eyes!! You can have 11 OWLS from Harry Potter!!!


I dunno.... are you sure those aren't FROGS???

Hee hee!


I see nothing wrong with clothing the future baby entirely in knits featuring animals. Lucky baby indeed. It is great to see you in such high spirts! Yay for spinning.