Friday, July 28, 2006

The parade of cute continues....

I sat down and finished the little lace cardigan last night:

This sweater has been on my list of 'must knits' for a while. I had bought the yarn to make it in red for my niece, but she got to big too fast. I'm glad I finally got to make it!

Pattern: Patons baby (500978FF) Cardigan Options
Yarn: Zarina by Filatura di Crosa, color 1472 (light blue)
Needles: size 1 and 3 addis
Comments: Like liked the pattern - but didn't LOVE it. I think the sleeves look a little funky - but will anyone notice that on a cute little baby? I think not. It still needs buttons, but I'm stashing it away for now. I'll let the buttons find me - I have time.

Now, go back up to that picture. Look through the table, and at the bandaged toe. As you all know, I'm doing the Breast Cancer 3 Day walk next week. NEXT WEEK, PEOPLE. I went for walks on Saturday and Sunday of last week... and I noticed my toe hurt a little, and was red. But I didn't think anything of it - trust me I've seen worse in the past few months. Tuesday morning I wake up, and it's all infected and nasty at the corner of the toenail. I went to Urgent Care - and the lady there was was all freaked out about it, saying if it didn't look better in a day to come back in for IV antibiotics. And she also gave me a surgical referral.

So - after the normal drama of having to actually get an appointment FAST... I went in this morning to get it all fixed up. The redness is a little better after a few days on the drugs - but no way I could walk 60 miles with it the way it is. Anyway - when I went this morning, the doc said that it was a quick fix, but it would redefine my idea of pain. I was like 'how bad could it be'?

Yeah, that bad. The needle for the novocaine went right in the infected area, and I was like. Wow that hurts!..... but then, when the pain got even worse - I yelled 'FUCK!'. The doc just laughed (in an understanding way), and then dug out the offending piece of toenail in another few seconds and I was done. Right as rain.

And as we walked out, everyone in the waiting room was staring at me.

Great way to start the weekend, huh?



I had a toe problem in middle school. A friend was holding the door to the gym shut, and I was trying to pull it open. She suddenly let go, and the door smashed into my toe. I knew something was wrong right away. When I took off my shoe and sock, my toenail was stuck straight up in a 90 degree angle, with the skin still attached (with holes and bleeding). I went to the doctor, who said she was going to flip it down at the count of three. She flipped it down on two. A shock wave of pain zinged up my leg, torso, and arm in this electrical current fashion- I have never felt anything like that before or since. (Thank goodness!) In a couple of days, you never would have been able to tell that anything had been wrong. Grosser still, if the skin hadn't ripped a little, they would have had to drill a hole in my toenail to let the blood/pressure out. ARRRRRRGH! Hope your toe gets better soon. Ingrown toenails are grody.


Ook! Feel better son and I hope it feels well enough to walk on next week!


Oh my God that makes me cringe thinking about it. I hope it is much better very soon.


Gross - for both stories! Good luck for the walk, hope it's all recovered by then. I like the idea of the buttons finding you, just the way it should be.


The cardigan looks lovely. Buttons are always tricky. We have ONE PLACE to buy buttons here!! V Sad.
Excellent toe story!! Hope you are feeling better soon!!!


OK, I cringed reading this. I hope your toe feels better soon, especially since it's your shifting foot!


Oh, this little cardigan is so gorgeous, I really love the pattern and the color of the yarn that you chose- great work!
I really hope your toe's doing much better soon - thumbs up for the walk!


damn - OW - I'm still cringing. GL with the walk though - wheeeee! Sara