Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sock of Doom Progress

Life is totally getting in the way for my Sock Wars sock.... I was away all weekend, and today, didn't get home from work until 9 PM! But - I did make some progress:

I'm using the yarn that Annie sent me over a year ago.... if you can believe it, that is the only DK weight yarn in my stash! Loads of fingering, lace, aran and worsted - but no DK!!!

Even though I know my survival in the war will be short lived, I feel I must at least make a decent effort. Hopefully I can knock off my target before I am assassinated!

I will be taking a break from knitting this to whip up my Dishcloth Shuffle stuff.... but for now - may the sock force be with you!



Looks pretty nice in a sock, put a note in with the socks to Hand Wash Only, as that wool felts so well if machine washed. Hasn't September flown by, and with so much to do knitting all those dishcloths.


Wow, you've made quite the progress!


Oh, this is going to be one awesome sock - lovely yarn that you're using!


That Nundle stuff is lovely - have you heard from your target yet? go girl!


I don't find a baby outfit in any of the Knitter's I have on sale. I think it might be in Fall 2001, which isn't one I am giving up. Sorry! But if there are any others you want, just holler.